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Brad Farrand

Brad Farrand (NZL)




New Zealand

Roles and responsibilities: 

Bowman, sail trimmer

Volvo Ocean Race participation: 

Competing in first Volvo Ocean Race

Career highlights:

2016: Extreme Sailing Series – 3rd
2016: World Match Racing Tour, Perth – 1st 2015: Extreme Sailing Series – 3rd
2015: Transpacific Race Barn Door Trophy winner (monohull line honors) on Rio100


Although racing in his first Volvo Ocean Race, Brad brings plenty of professional campaign experience from the Extreme Sailing Series and World Match Racing Tour, along with bucket loads of energy and enthusiasm. He was first introduced to sailing as a child by his parents and has since established an enviable reputation for himself in the professional sailing world. 

As well as his helming and sailing trimming duties on the boat, Brad is also responsible for running the bow of the boat – a mission-critical role, particularly during sail changes and maneuvers.

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