Team AkzoNobel



Leg 8: daily report – Sunday May 6

Sunday, May 6: 0700 UTC morning report

A tough sched this morning sees team AkzoNobel back in sixth position, 15 nautical miles (27 km) behind Mapfre with 680 nautical miles (1,260 km) to the end of Leg 8 in Newport, RI. It was an evening of light breeze with wind speeds as low as 11 knots as they sailed closer to the high pressure, settling in to a steady 15 knots after sunset. The crew are working hard to squeeze every last bit of speed out of the boat. Remember that whilst we ashore have the luxury (or distraction) of the live tracker, they are still only getting their scheds every 6 hours.

Skipper Simeon Tienpont gave this overview :During the watch we came in to lighter and lighter pressure. Basically getting closer to the center of the big high on the east side of Bermuda. Once we are 90 degrees with the high pressure we are going to gybe, the wind is lifting and lifting more behind us and we’ll gybe off to Newport, probably end of the afternoon, early evening.

“Now we are battling away as we get in to softer pressure as the area in front of the high pressure is always unstable. It’s tricky conditions.”

ETA for the teams in to Newport remains May 8.

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