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Leg 7: daily report – Tuesday April 3

Team AkzoNobel enters the final 24 hours of Leg 7

After over two weeks at sea in one of the most gruelling of legs team AkzoNobel are within a day’s sailing of Itajaí, Brazil their destination for the end of Leg 7 of the Volvo Ocean Race. The team have a little over 350 nautical miles (approx. 650 kilometers) to go and with the leaders – Brunel (NED) and Dongfeng Race Team (CHN) – making their final approaches to the finish line and Turn the Tide on Plastic (UN) almost 400 nautical miles (740 kilometers) behind in fourth place, a podium third position is in sight.

The crew are still having to remain vigilant with the temporary fix they have made to the leaking keel box which has constantly been bringing water into the boat and requiring bailing every 15 minutes.

“Yesterday the keel box was still leaking, especially when going above 23 knots. It has required one crew member to constantly monitor the amount of water below,” explains James Blake, On Board Reporter with team AkzoNobel.

“The crew changed modes and sailed a little lower and a little slower until the winds dropped and we are now back up to 100% with minimal bailing needed.”

In the boatfeed received overnight, an exhausted looking Luke Molloy (AUS) - helmsman and trimmer on board team AkzoNobel - acknowledged that everyone was very tired coming towards the end of this big Southern Ocean leg with all the crew looking forward to arriving on the Brazilian coast.

At 0600 UTC (0800 CEST) team AkzoNobel were making steady progress sailing north travelling at around 12 knots (22 kilometers/hour) in a south-easterly breeze. It is likely that the team will encounter some very light winds off the coast of Brazil that could slow their progress. The latest weather routing predicts the team will arrive into Itajaí in the early hours (UTC) of Wednesday April 4.

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